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DNA Extractor


Fully automated nucleic acid extraction system

32 samples

48 samples

96 samples
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DNA Extractor

RNA Extractor

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We research & develop automated nucleic acid extraction system more than 10 years, product include:
DNA extractor
RNA extractor
DNA extraction kit
RNA extraction kit

8 Strip PCR Tube & 96 Well PCR Plate
Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA isolation
PCR Machine
Liquid Handling Robot


10 years R&D experience of DNA Extractor and other molecular diagnosis equipment


ISO9001 approval company, product comply with international standard


Rich experience and ability to customize various DNA extractor based-on need.


Whether it is in stock or customized products, delivery time is fast.

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DNA Extractor Factory

DNA Extractor Factory
EXTRA 96 DNA Extractor

EXTRA 96 DNA Extractor

EXTRA 32 DNA Extractor Calibration

DNA Extractor and Accessories

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DNA Extractor


RNA extractor

DNA-RNA Extraction Kit

DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

96 Well PCR Plate

96 Well PCR Plate

OEM For DNA Extractor

From DNA Extractor to

DNA Isolation Kit

ProductDNA Extractor / RNA Extractor
Extract Samples32 samples48 samples96 samples
Plates32 strip pcr tubes48 well pcr plate96 well pcr plate
Private LabelYes
OEM orderYes

Testimonials of DNA Extractor

  • “We have used this DNA Extractor system 3 months. It was working well, very fast to isolate DNA/RNA from covid 19 nasal swabs. 96 samples simultaneously automatic extraction, save a big time. It’s great help in diagnostics.”

    James M. Sidder, Ph. D.
  • “My client was happy to use this EXTRA 96, it’s full automatic nucleic acid extraction system. No brain to use, fast to extract target DNA or RNA from various specimens.”

    Nicole Siciliano, Lab Supplies House
  • “Every day I need to run lots assays for food pathogen like Listeria monocytogene, Salmonella, E coli O 157, Staph aureus and Campylobacter from various food (such as: raw milk, cheese, milk powder, beef meat, pork, chicken meat, vegetables, canned food, etc.) The EXTRA 96 is great help to save time save manpower. It’s friendly to use and looks awesome.”

    Kaitlyn Evelyn, Laboratory Specialist

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